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White Lyan Maids, a cleaning services in Vancouver, BC was founded on May of 2013. We are a cleaning service in Vancouver that reaches out to busy people like yourself. Consider us as your partners in home cleaning. We are more than just a maid service - we provide top notch cleaners who are the best in their field. We provide you a clean home. and we all know a clean home is a happy home!

Not only do we do home cleanings in Vancouver, we also service other cities like Burnaby, New Westminster, Richmond, Surrey, White Rock, Langley and Coquitlam. Wherever you are located we provide you the same high standard cleaning with our insured and bonded maids. Getting a home or apartment cleaning in Vancouver has never been easier.

Our customeres receive the best quality home cleaning service in Vancouver. We make sure that we live up to your standards as we are very meticulous in finding not just good cleaners, but the best maids around, with at least two years of cleaning experience. We also do a thorough background check and pick only the most qualified applicants. We guarantee we will only send out the best cleaners - and we will get the job done right, if not we'll clean it again for FREE!

Booking a cleaning service in Vancouver is as easy as one, two, three! All you do is go online to our booking page and fill out the necessary information about your home. Get a quote instantly, set a date and time and within 60 seconds, you'll be on your way to a cleaner home! If something come up and you need to reschedule? No worries! Simply log in to your account and make the necessary changes. as an account will be created for you right after your first reservation.

Move in and move out cleaning services can also be booked with us. Aside from the standard clean, we also do deep clean service, one time cleanings, Airbnb / short term rental cleanings and much more! Our cleaning service can also be the perfect gift idea for loved ones! If you have family members or friends living in one of our service areas send them a gift card now! They will be able to book any house cleaning service that we offer.

At White Lyan Maids we value our customers and consider you family. Aside from the best quality cleaning service, we provide discounts to all first time customers and recurring discounts to repeat customers! The more frequently you use our Vancouver house cleaning services, the more of a discount you'll receive. And your cleaning will be done right, or we will reclean for free. That's a guarantee!

We only want the best for our customers. We guarantee to leave your home sparkling clean! So go ahead and book your appointment now and leave all the dirty work to us.

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Blog Posts

What to Expect from a Professional Home Cleaning Service

There are countless reasons as to why you should keep your home clean. This, however, is not an easy task due to our busy working schedules that prevent us from having the time to clean our homes. Maintaining the cleanliness also requires discipline and regular cleaning. Many of us cannot keep the house groomed all the time and every day. Therefore, cleaning services live up to the expectation of the people who cannot do this by themselves. Also, having experienced and well-recognized cleaning service providers who use best solutions leaves your house fresh and sparkling.  For this reason, it is deemed necessary to hire professional house cleaners to do the job.

Importance of hiring professional home cleaners

  • Due to their experience, house cleaning service providers will do a greater job in getting your house in top shape. Their vast knowledge of tricks and tips to use to get your home dirt free is an added advantage. They use industrial products that make the difference between them and the normal house cleaners. Also, they have sophisticated chemicals and equipment that guarantee grime free environment for your home. 

  • The service providers work on developing a customized plan for you and your home. Also, a good cleaning company will come to your home to determine the level of cleaning that you are looking for, and what your expectations are after the job is done. The customized work plan ensures that you are satisfied with the end results.

  • The cleaners you choose to work for you are trained on how to use chemicals and supplies with a lot of care. Therefore, you do not have to worry about chemical contamination on your belongings. They have knowledge on different surfaces and what cleaning agents to use on specific surfaces. This training ensures that the professionals hired are competent and will leave you satisfied with their working standards.

  • The signing of a contract ensures regular visits. Many professional house cleaners offer you an option of signing a contract to ensure regular visits to your home. This in return ensures that your home is clean at all times.

Hiring these professionals is an ideal solution for keeping your home clean without the hassle of cleaning it yourself. Several benefits are accrued to hiring professional house cleaners.

The Various Professional Cleaning Services Offered


In every home, there are a few individuals who are allergic to their house. This can be due to the presence of dust and dirt. Cleaning professionals have knowledge on what the solution to these frustrating allergies. They make your house clean and eliminate all the dirt accumulated within. They employ vacuum that captures allergen, bacteria, dust and pollutant. Such a measure reduces allergies and attacks of flu.

Carpet Cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning services ensure proper treatment, sanitation, and deodorization of the carpet. The companies use their expertise, machines, and products that are ideal for the job.  Before the cleaning is done, the condition of each carpet is carefully examined for discoloration, fading, wear, pre-existing damage, stains, and odors. This helps in determining the appropriate cleaning procedure to be used.

Kitchen Cleaning

The kitchen is known to be the heart of every home. Everybody loves to visit it to see what’s cooking literally and figuratively. Therefore, it should always look neat and clean. However, it is a place where messes can be made. Kitchen drawers and cupboards should be cleaned as well as every other corner in the kitchen room. Professional cleaners have a plan in mind when carrying out these duties. This way, they stay focused and goal oriented.

Upholstery Cleaning

Whether you have pets or kids, frequently host family and friends or are at home a lot, your upholstered furniture gets dirty.  Pollen, germs, dust, food crumbs, blemishes, and stains cannot be avoided. Homes that have carpet, 90% of the dirt and dust brought into your house end up in the upholstered furniture and fabrics. Professional cleaners provide upholstery cleaning services that refresh and extends the life of your furniture. Also, the cleaning provides a healthy and safe environment for both your pets and kids. With the right cleaners, the deepest of stains will be cleaned without damaging your furniture. 

There are different types of cleaning services, which entail different undertakings, equipment and focus on different issues. It is a profitable business, but only when done professionally. The quality of services offered by such a company should be top-notch. It should also have strong marketing skills and a solid reputation. This will enable them to win more prospects and grow as a company.

Effects of Humidity in Your Home and How to Fix It

As Canadians, we sometimes get so caught up with the weather and seasons, and keep talking to one another about how ‘hot' or 'cold' it is, often forgetting to mention one of the most important variables to how the temperature around us makes us feel: humidity. 

What is humidity?

We often hear this word thrown around by weather forecasters, but very few people remember what it means beyond our high school geography lessons. What exactly is humidity?

The two types commonly referred to are absolute humidity and relative humidity. Absolute humidity is the term used to describe the content of water vapor in air without taking temperature into consideration. Relative humidity, however, is a more accurate measure as it gives us the percentage of water vapor in the air in comparison to how much it is able to hold.

This means that at equal absolute humidity levels, the relative humidity of cold air will be higher than the relative humidity of the warm air. Relative humidity is what contributes to how we 'feel' the temperature around us. If you’re in the Vancouver area, you definitely know the effects of high humidity coming in from the ocean proximity.

What is the ideal humidity for a house?

Like it or not, humidity does get to dictate quite a bit of how comfortable we are able to feel at a certain temperature. The air around us usually absorbs sweat and moisture off our skins and thus allows us to cool down. When there is high humidity, the air is not able to do this so effectively making us feel sticky and warm. When there is low humidity, our skin dries out and our sinuses get more quickly irritated. This is why average indoor humidity is said to be between 30 and 60 percent, but ideal humidity includes only levels between the ranges of 35 and 45 percent.

The effects of high humidity

High humidity levels over 60 percent are most common during the summer months where you feel extra greasy because of the excess sweat and have to put up with higher electricity costs because you will do anything to feel cooler and more comfortable. This is because our natural method of sweating to cool down is affected when the humidity levels are high.

There is another negative side effect of high humidity. During particularly humid seasons, people are not able to sleep well. There is also an increase in bacterial activity, the growth of fungi, mold spores, and dust mite infestations. Having mold around your house can also lead to an array of respiratory problems as well. In addition to this, your condo cleaners may have pointed out the way humidity damages your furniture by causing paint to peel off, and how it causes certain types of wood to bend out of shape.

If you deal with this problem and have a hard time keeping on top of it, a maid service might be the answer. House cleaning services in Vancouver is a great way to get rid of any excess mold or dust mites in your home and free up your time to focus on other things.

Effects of low humidity

Low humidity, and the dryness that it brings is just as dangerous as high humidity. It dries out our skin, lips, and sometimes even irritates our eyes because of this dryness. People may also be subjected to frequent headaches and migraines for the same reason.

There are a lot of respiratory illnesses that are caused due to low humidity. During times like winter, our sinuses dry out, and sometimes we also feel itchiness or soreness in our throats which often leads to bouts of heavy coughing. As our sinuses dry out, the mucus that is supposed to protect us from inhaling any impure air and bacteria is not as effective, causing us to become more susceptible to various respiratory illnesses.

If you live in a home that has low humidity problems, try a few Vancouver cleaning services to get rid of any unnecessary allergens that may be present in your home. Then, consider investing in a humidifier. Here’s a few extra tips to deal with both low and high humidity.

If you have a problem with high humidity:

  • Buy a dehumidifier for your home. This will help remove the moisture from the air, allowing you to live in a more comfortable environment.
  • The correct use and regulation of your air conditioning system can remove excess humidity from the air.
  • Be on the lookout for mold, and attack it as soon as you see any initial signs so that you don't have to call the professional cleaners when the situation gets too bad. But if it gets beyond your control, consider contacting a maid service in Vancouver or in your area.
  • Try to use natural dehumidifiers like baking soda and activated charcoal in the smaller rooms like your kitchen and bathrooms.

If you have problems with low humidity:

  • Look into the option of investing in a humidifier, which actually adds moisture back into the air.
  • Keep well hydrated.
  • Take good care of your skin by applying creams and lotions, especially during the dry winter months.
  • Wear nose masks if there is a bout of sickness that is being passed around.